Gene's Makeups and Characters & photos

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1Kozmik-Arts Photo Gallery

Chack out this run

Gene as Indian for Pamrapo Savings Bank Grand Openings

********** Gene as WereWolf (1999)

Wild West Vampire & Queen ("ah just a little bite")

************Gene As Voodoo Zombie Priest****** in Doo Dah parade Pasadena CA (1998)

A.N.N.I.E. a costum & makeup design for sidekick of Captain Bluu on TV show

Paula as*"Twin-peak corps" a body make over by Gene.

Mrs. Willoughby the dead undertaker's Wife,

Gene's Alien Female makeup desin for corporate theme party at Trump's Tajs Atlantic City

Pig from space... so is Gene a pig?

****************Gene as The Bell Ringer

"Go's Bump in the night" BOO !!

*********She can terminate you, a make up ********for 6 Flags NJ (2003)

Gene as Witchie Women

********The Grinch and I

Hand panted replica of Cat Women

****************Two costum Designs above "Flam" & below "Violet Gem" both for the Amber character in Captain Bluu TV show

above "The Black Widdow"costum Design

*******"Amber" one of Bluu's sidkicks --- NOTE*** her hair color change

Gene as 101 year old man (1985)

Gene asThe Mummy at Doo Dah parade in Pasadena CA.(2004)

Airbrush illustration on canvas of Mars 24"x24"

Gene as Ape man(1971)

Make up on Hell Rider at 6 Flags Fright Fest NJ(click on it)

"A pritty little one" a, Ya think? 6 flags 2003 (click on it)

Gene's Life size Mom statue created for the 1993 Famouse Monsters Convention

"For the Love of Liberty" film prop

Ray Harryhousen and I 1992 at NY airport (click it)

Gene as Alien

Knight (Click it)

friend Ted in Werewolf makeover (click on the pin in his pocket)

The Alien Times

A prop for “THE LOVE OF LIBERTY” Vido made of clay

Ted Collins & Ray Harryhousen at Mecca Magic.

A day at Mecca Magic.

Val as play boy bunny Halloween 1984

Maintenance robot on space station from Captain Bluu show

Ada attacked by big bug

Arrival of space consignment ship

A view of Mercury