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2 Kozmik-Arts Photo Gallery

My photo pages are to display photos of products and works,of all type.  If you are interested in copy’s of prints signed.  E-mail your wishes to for prices for the cost of ptinting.

"Stagecoach holdup" Wall mural art for Wild Wild West Restaurant Click on the Horses

close-up of The Bandit rider { click on rider}

Animation cell For add for ASI Elevator Maintenance Co..

Animation cell 2 for add for ASI

Another Witch Women?

aah ! the 60's*******piece brother**

Just a little note from you will do. { click on the NOTE }

A.N.N.I.E, character illustration of costume and make up, for The Captain Bluu Show.{ click on ANNIE }


************WHAT'S YOUR POISON ?

Gene's Mummy (click on it for a closer look)

Mr. Orville Willable zombie undertaker, Six Flags Fright Fest CA.

closeup VAMPIE model 1971

Zombod costume art for Captain Bluu Show

above Alien make-over // below befor maker-over at the Tojz

**************Two alien gals at theme party at -----------------"Tojz"

Alien makeovers can be fun,

14" x 20" painting for 1993 FM Con. set. (click on it)

Below color photo of Mom bronze Statue made for Famouse Monsters Con, 1993

Full 12' x 9' set in background ,Bela Lugosi Jr., Dwight Frye Jr.,4E,Sarah Karloff and Ron Chaney, at the 1993 Famouse Monsters Con. in Cristel City

below: Alien makeovers using bubble rap & fethers

make over for 10/ 31 /2010******************** "the Witch & her Zombie slave"

Pre Painted bubble rap with full green bald cap below.a bluegreen makeup over flesh, and add fethers.

yes I'am Adding fethers

Below:Here is Leea Subol in the Vamparella custom made costume .CLICK ON LEEA's PHOTO see her as a cat.

Alien Costum Design art* { click on art }

Below: VICKIE in a Sorcereress Elvira makeover.

************Vampie model 1971

Vickie was also made over as Empress Zombod[click photo to seeher on thron]

Donna Dec as Elvira

Donna Pezzia as Emperies throne room gruad in Captain Bluu TV Show

Vodo Zombie

Murray Mummy (click on it)

Digital art (Sabrina )

Salty Dog

Belinda over, an over, an over, an over agen.

Big Bad Wolf (face painting)

Father and Daughter make over at Zombies walk Asberry park.

Murray as Mummy 2011 Halloween (click on it)