More Photos and Paintings From Gene

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3 Kozmik-Arts Photo Gallery

The following photos are of 13  4'x4' painted panels , 

makeing up one 4ft x 48ft. murial for the night club

 ' THE HOP ' Was in Blumfield, NJ 

the images are of subjects from  1950's 

panel one; With owner pointing, brother in hat, With the Fonzz, Marten & Luis, Uncle Miltie and the Lone Ranger & Tonto looking on.

above panel two. You'll note the photos of palels are not all in order .That Ritchie with owner’s friend, Gorge & Gracie, and Robbie the robot.

panel three; Here is Jimmy and Annette With owner’s wife Gail.

Panel 5: Owner’s father’s gas station,,Time machine Da larine, Rocket Man, Hoplong Casaty,Tree Stooges, Spanky & Alfalfa ,girl with ho-la-hop,Owner’s Son in raccoon hat, club manager in hat.

panel 4: Dancers, Dick Clark, Chubee Checker, in the back Boris & Natasha, Joe De Mageo, The Beaver & Richey in soapbox car, owners brothers wife Sally, Marlyn, Dennis the Menus,

panel seven: In car Buddy Holly & James Dean, Nettle Woods, on car in back Gene Reynolds(me) and Jimmy Murray

this is panel 12

Above three of the 4 foot panels put together 8,9,10

panel six; Littlie Richard, Nat King Cole, Elvis

the last panel 13; Ghosts Gorge & Marian Curbby and dog Neal,,In door Jimmy Derantie,on left owners two grandfathers

Above A "Hot" all lether look

YES" This is panel 11. The panels were to give you the Impression you were looking out a window on to a parking lot.

Just a face-painting clown

"North Pole Exspress" Christmas Set

CLACK on pix to see the Moon 24"x24" air brushed on canvis

The North Pole Express (28 ft.tree) click on photos for larger view.

A lovely women by day, a zombie by night., airbrushed makeover

Empress Zombod on thron: art {click on thron}

the Zombie Queen come to life.{click on head}

acrylic 2'x3' Twins of evil "(Betty Daves){click on it}

above idea for movie traler

The 3D make-over The Zombie Queen

two photo sets of Joann,used on photo postage stamp, click on it

Art of Joann with Eye Makeup idea {click on Joann }

what next? Gene, an Action figure?

Winter Magic Design art work

Finel "Winter Magic" Lobie Set-up

Wine!!---I never drink Wine!! "Blood is the Life" Yes this is LeeyaSubol as Vamperlla, { click on stool }

The north pole express set custem belt train

On the work bench

"The Phantom" a makeup on Drew Lerman by Gene in 1988

In 1967 I bought an Avenger GT12 Car Kit

click on poster

I once had a 40 Packerd

"The male box" I drove this to work in Newark

the monster

"Hope" A watercolor on gesso board (click on it )

"April Love" Acrylic on art board {click on it}


"Walking dead" make up & costume I did for make up video