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5 Kozmik-Arts Photo Gallery

With this page

we thought you like to cats up,

they'er the cat's meow

you can click on some of the photos to enlarge them 

Lori Wilder & me" We'r Dead and Loving it"

Zombie Monster


MEEEEEOW This is Leea Subol, you see her with out mack up(click on her nose)


"Alley cat"

"Tom Cat"

"The Moma Cat"

Leea as a Lioness(click)and see her as Vamprella

This is Leea's sister as a "Leopard"

"Pritty Kitty"

"Old Tom Cat"

"The Wizzard's Cat"

"Big Black Cat"

Here "kitty-kitty"

Digital art of mine “Joann”

Do I smell hamburgers?

***Paula as "The Corps" from Twin Peaks ©

Gene as 8' Alien

******************costum art of " 8’ tall Alien "

A space Pig ?

***makeing chain mail top with Soda Pull Tabs

Hi,HOW are Ya?,- Hi, HOW are Ya?,-- Hi, HOW are Ya?

28 year old Moshe Green as 89 year old man

Zombod’s in chain mail costume art

the Empress and thron room whating for snipe [click on it]

Zombod’s stardust gown

Zombod’s Commanding General "Quadroon" costume design © 1985

the Empress Zombod poster (you can order this at )

Commander "Quadroon"

The Empress Zombod Costume Art{click it}

above Acrylic on board (click it)

Acrylic on board "Joann"

more Acrylic on board (click on it)

Above Digital art(click it)

Digital line art (click on it)

above three color art with dots(click it)

Acrylic on board "Belinda"

Acrylic color (click on it to see black & white ink)

I always liked Butterflies. {for a better look click it.}