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7 Photos & art in this Gallery

My pages are to display photos of products, set design & construction,makeovers and costums. On some photo pages I had the option to add a title or brief description of each photo in captions beneath or above may click on some of the photes too enlarge them for better view or related photos and art work.

Sketch # 1 (Of friend Joann P.)click on it

water color (Of friend Joann P.)

Above: Digital art of my self

JOANN Photo for make-over & stamp design (click it)

See Behind the seen with the grim reaper {click it}


Acrylic painting “Lillie Marlene” for club of same name, lost in firein the mid 80's, club's original name was Dudley's

Adda as A.N.N.I.E. in costume for The Captain Bluu Show

Gene as 8' Alien from head to tow

SKETCH for Alien costum

A.N.N.I.E. from Captain Bluu a poster at ( )


SinDrella poster at ( )

A Page from Captain Bluu "comic"

painting of Lamb Tavern Springfield PA

Prop of head for headless man for bar oner of Cheers NJ**plaster, paint & hair.

Miniature of ancient runes

above: Beast from 20,000 fathoms art from Gene

A Ghost 10/25/08

above photo of "Quadroon", From Cpt. Bluu show

Ghost make-up for walk around at Wycoff mall 10/25/08

BOO !!

The Monster on Gene 10/31/08

Monster make-up on Client 10/31/86

Self portrait

Gene as monster 2008

Zombod costum top of chan mail

Vickie as Empress Zombod with Quadroon: Commander of the Empress's Guard

Background Sean is a Miniature on green screen for music video “Fastbrak”

"FASTBRAKE" video art FX

oragenal 1983 Costum art of chane mail for Zombod

"Balinda" Digital water color art

Color ink on bristle board 1963

Balinda quad art

Balinda poster art

Balinda "WOW" Yes I just love her, she makes me feel good just too looking at her.

***************Brink Stevens digital art

painting of Morgan as Wonder Woman

Michelle Bauer art

Michelle Bauer digital art