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Photo Gallery 2

Some photos of the band

the band in the day

as the band grew

Kenny & I , sound & lights

at the Playboy club NewJersey

Kenny sound man, yes he is!

Green Pine Inn PA

me & and my lights

Carl, Al, Dave, Frank, Manny

Al & Frank

Al today

Carl today

more than three !

David today

Manny today's Mayor of Union New Jersey

Frank today

before they got T-shirts, haha

a poster I did when I was with the band.

Manny today


Jenniferx wine

Hope Lee

Myself Muhammad Ali Fred Collins and Ted Collins when we were visited at Mecca Magic

My Santa 2016

The look of Nina p

The look of Nina

A portrait I did of my friend Wellesley .

Painting of lady in office

A painting I did of a lady on the couch in negligees

A portrait painting of a friend Cheyenne

A sketch I didn't my friend in Italy Monica

The Nina effect

A painting I did of the Bride of Frankenstein's monster

Line drawing of Danielle and her daughters

Morgan as her early Wonder Woman

Portrait of Lisa a friend